September Meeting 2015

September Meeting 2015

‘The Tool Box’ a flower demonstration by Susan Fairhirst
Monday 21st September at 7.30pm with refreshments following the demonstration
Haworth Road Methodist Church

Susan presented six beautiful stagings with lovely flowers and foliage.

·            Susan used a tall metal stand with a flat oasis tray and using mahonia, fatsias, ‘chicken tail’ dresina and flashed copper berginia leaves created a structure of long, short foliage.   Into these were placed ‘bizarre’ Germini, red Calas and peachy-cream roses to balance at each side, creating a dynamic coppery-red  display.

·            Susan’s next display was created on a curved metal frame which had been wound with variegated wool.  A large circular oasis pad circled with ivy was the base for the arrangement.  Three tall stems were placed in the centre.  Three yellow dianthus were wired together and then 6 groupings placed below the stems.  These were followed by 6 protea heads and below these a collar of copper smoke bush leaves with yellow/mustard orchid heads in tubes created a final imaginative display.

·            Woodland was the theme of the third display, created on an open metal frame with two pieces of greyish wood attached.  The oasis dish was placed in the centre on a mesh platform with fern, aspidistra, bergenia and helibore leaves to cover.  Green carnations, were worked through the design and Susan used a new Anthurium ‘scoop’ which curved upwards along with Anastasia Chrysanthemum.

·            Flowers in a Bidet? – Susanne’s next arrangement was in a small metal container on short wooden legs.  She had been told this was a French bidet!  A tall piece of greyish wood was placed upright into the centre with a pineapple tree stem in front and rhododendron, bergenia and ivy leaves to cover the oasis. The flowers used were pale creamy-yellow ‘cafe’ germini; coffee coloured ‘cappuccino’ roses; pink dianthus; a stunning pale purple anthurium and an unusual coffee coloured orchid. These were brought through the line of the structure.  Susan then presented a smaller one prepared earlier with matching flowers – in a bed pan on a wicker base.

·            For the final display Susan used a very tall metal stand with two grey metal spheres attached at different levels with a metal circular frame at the bottom.  Tall Euphorbia stems were placed in the centre and greenery placed to flow down one side.  Two ‘bride wine’ brassicas were placed upright with Gentians ‘sky’; ‘renegade’ (red) gerbera; ‘aqua moon’ carnations; red cockscomb and blue hydrangea heads in the bottom to bring the colour down through the arrangement.  The final display and staging made a colourful autumn-themed stage.

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