July Meeting and AGM 2015

July Meeting and AGM 2015

Bradford Flower Club 2015 AGM followed by
‘In the Summertime’ a flower demonstration by Jan Faulkner
Monday 13th July at 7.30pm with refreshments following the demonstration
Haworth Road Methodist Church

1)    Jan’s first design was a beautiful hand tied bouquet using folded Aspidistra leaves into cones and then inserting a rosy-pink Maritime Rose.  Jan gave informative explanations and training as she worked.  The bouquet was placed in a glass container with water.

2)    The top of a white candelabra was the centrepiece for the next display in the shape of a 5-point star.  A dish was placed in the centre of the candelabra and a variety of greenery used to infill ie leather leaf fern, Ivy leaves, variegated ivy.  Jan used a great variety of shades of pink flowers which gave a mixed texture – white lisianthus, Novelle pink rose, pink antirrhinums, pink larkspur and white freesia with Alechemilla as a filler.

3)    Ray of Sunshine – a large silver pot was the centre piece with two wired Aspidistra leaves placed upright.  Large hostas were looped, folded and shaped to make a dramatic backdrop for the yellow gladioli and yellow carnations which were cushioned together.

4)    Three stems of beautiful pink orchids were placed on a flat tray with formium pinned along a long oasis tray with a variety of foliage to cover.  The stems were placed upright at different heights to give a simple but stunning display.

5)    Rolled Aspidistra leaves were placed upright in a large dark green pot with others split and curled and looped and some made into cones and placed to counterbalance the first placement.  White Avalanche roses were brought in line with delicate variegated Grisina brought through and helibore leaves to infill at the back.

6)    The last display was created in a wicker picnic basket with the lid open.  Cotoneaster was placed asymmetrically in the container with golden euonymous, golden ferns, spotted laurel and variegated fatsia for foliage.  Tall yellow gladioli with placed in line through the design with blue Delphiniums and purple agapanthus to give texture.

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